Where do you ship from?

Due to our location, we've reached out to third party shops and print on demand websites. This way you can have access to our merchandise with lower shipping costs. 

If you wish to buy merchandise with our illustrations, we recommend you doing so through our official retailers. You'll find a great variety of products with our most popular comics. 

Do you ship worldwide?

Most of the shops where you'll find our products have worldwide shipping. We recommend you checking them out to see if your country is included in their shipping destinations.

Are you available to make a collaboration?

Please contact me if you have something in mind. Sometimes I'm busy with work and other projects, but I do read  every message and I love hearing invitations to work on fun projects.

I love your comics, can I translate them and post your comics on my social profiles?

We appreciate and thank you for sharing and all the love you send to us! Go ahead and share our comics on your personal profiles. Just remember to keep the credits, and please, no Wawawiwa fan pages  or unauthorized profiles, as these confuse our followers.

Where is Wawawiwa comics located?

Our main office is located in Colombia.

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