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  • Pre-order campaign: COMPLETED.

  • Book production: COMPLETED.

  • Shipping from factory to the warehouse: COMPLETED.

  • Shipping to customers: COMPLETED.

OCTOBER 16 Update: All the orders have been shipped! We are currently sending all the tracking numbers to each one of the customers. If you haven't received yours, you'll get an email from us pretty soon.

Note: Please remember, once you get your tracking number, you have 4 weeks from the time of the estimate delivery date to send us an email about any issue concerning your order, whether it's you haven't received it, an item missing or damaged.


OCTOBER 14 Update: We're working really hard to ship the remaining orders this week and send you all the tracking orders. The 2 week delay was caused by a small issue in the book factory, plus the COVID-19 and the National Day holidays in China. 


OCTOBER 12 Update: Orders already started being shipped to each customer. We had lots of orders pending in line for this pre-order campaign, please allow a few days to receive your tracking number. 

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The limited edition shark plushie comes with his tie friend underneath, it's super soft and it will bring wholesomeness to your life.

  • Pre-order campaign: ((COMPLETED)).

  • Plush production: October 17 to December 17. (COMPLETED)

  • Shipping from factory: January, 2021. (COMPLETED)

  • Shipping to customers: January, 2021. (COMPLETED)

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This hardcover collection contains 128 pages featuring cute, uplifting and ingenious aquatic comics. While sharks are one of the ocean’s deadliest predators, these sharks can smell insecurity, doubt, and gloom, and are quick to strike  — with kindness, cuteness, and positivity!

  • Pre-order campaign: IN PROGRESS

  • Publication date: 03/02/2021