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Hey, everyone! My name is Andrés Colmenares and I create comics for a living, I work next to my wife Viviana in this small family business called Wawawiwa. We wanted to start 2020 with a big bang! After a couple months of brainstorming and the help of our online friends, we've decided to create our first art toy / lamp. Right now, we are a bit limited with funds, which makes things a bit difficult. Bio-based materials to make a product are really expensive, and specially, when we will be manufacturing such a small production of 250.

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Our main idea is to make a functional, non-toxic and recyclable product. This undoubtedly cute shark toy will last a long time decorating your home. The packaging will be a simple recyclable cardboard box with no unnecessary plastic parts, but it will still protect the product from traumas it might suffer during shipment.




  • Limited edition of 250.

  • Dimensions: Height: 5.23" x lenght: 12.79" x width: 8.38"

  • Material: Recyclable PVC.

  • Lamp: The angler fish has a dim LED light, warm white.

  • Book works as ON/OFF switch.

  • Power cord included, no batteries needed.

  • Online store exclusive product.

  • Made in China.

This toy is inspired by one of our most popular characters, the shark! Here are some of the comics that have gone viral in social media.

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Wawawiwa is our main source of income, so we rely on selling merchandise to continue sharing comics, animations and other fun stuff with all of our online friends. But we will be taking small steps to reach this new goal we have for 2020, which is not just working hard to make beautiful merchandise, but being conscious about the impact these products might have on our planet after they complete their useful life. 

If we find a home for more than 500 of these toys in this pre-order campaign, we will be donating a small part of the profits to a foundation. This foundation will be Fundación marviva, an ocean conservation initiative with a branch in Colombia, Check out their Instagram profile.

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When will I receive my beautiful shark toy? You might ask.


You will be able to pre-order in March 10th, 2020. As we mentioned, making a quality art toy is a really expensive and long process, and the funds raised in this pre-sale will be invested in creating each toy. Here are the Estimated times (ETA), as given to us by the manufacturer in China.

Due to the current coronavirus events, the countdown to the 'Reading Shark' toy has been paused for a month. Click here to read the updates.

  • Pre-ordering campaign: March 10th to April 10th, 2020.

  • Sampling stage: ETA March 23rd, 2020.

  • Mold making: ETA May 11th, 2020.

  • Toy production: ETA June 29th, 2020.

  • Shipping from factory: ETA August 17th, 2020.

  • Quality control and shipping to Customers: ETA August 25th, 2020




This figure is intended to make you smile every day and decorate home and office interiors, suitable specially in a kid's bedroom or nursery due to the subtle warm white LED light (similar to a lava lamp). 


Get your personal portrait - Starting at USD$50.

Portraits will be delivered only if the project reaches its goal by April 10, 2020.

In case it doesn't,

all orders will be refunded.

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