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Andrés J. Colmenares Wawawiwa Comics Workshop

Looking for something fun and educational to do this summer? Join this Webinar and learn to create your own comic! Led by Andrés J. Colmenares, this crash course packs over 14 years of experience in the illustration and webcomic industry into a comprehensive and engaging experience +

a PDF guide with everything learned in the class.

wawawiwa comics workshop

What you'll learn

Sense of humor

Graphic humor

Hunting ideas



FInd your style

Tips and more!

Cost: $50 

Andrés created Wawawiwa Comics in 2009, a webcomic with millions of followers worldwide, known for its heartwarming and humorous content. He has given talks and workshops in Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, and Peru over the years. This is his first workshop ever in English!

Your teacher wawawiwa comics workshop
bee wawawiwa comics

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