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  • Who do I contact for publishing or licensing inquiries?

If you're interested in licensing and translating our books for publication in your country, please contact us directly. We're eager to chat with you and introduce you to our amazing agent who'll work their magic in making it happen. Let's embark on this literary adventure together! 

  • Can I share your comics on my social profiles?

First off, a gigantic bear hug for sharing our comics and showering us with all that love! You rock! And guess what? You're totally free to share our comics on your personal profiles. Just don't forget to give credit where credit's due, because our cute characters have a home, and this would help our community grow.


  • Do I have your permission to translate your comics?

Now, let's chat about translations. In some countries, translators have their own special rights. So, here's the scoop: I can't give the green light for translations of our comics. Hope you get where we're coming from, and no hard feelings, right?  Thanks for understanding. You're the best! 

  • What about fan pages?

About those lovely Wawawiwa fan pages or those mystery unauthorized profiles – we've got to keep the comic cosmos in order! They can be a tad confusing for our fellow fans. Please, always be clear that these are not official.


  • Where do you ship from?

Due to our location, we've reached out to third party shops and print on demand websites. This way you can have access to our merchandise with lower shipping costs. 

If you wish to buy merchandise with our illustrations, we recommend you doing so through our official retailers. You'll find a great variety of products with our most popular comics. 

  • Do you ship worldwide?

Most of the shops where you'll find our products have worldwide shipping. We recommend you check them out to see if your country is included in their shipping destinations.

  • Is it safe to purchase from these Artist shops?

Yes. We take your shopping safety seriously! When you shop with our trusted retailers, you're stepping into the cozy realm of worry-free purchasing. We've handpicked these partners to ensure that your experience is smoother than a freshly buttered pancake. So rest assured, your precious purchases are guarded by a team full of good vibes. Happy shopping! 


  • Are you available to make collaborations?

Please contact me if you have something in mind. Sometimes I'm busy with work and other projects, but I do love reading proposals and invitations to work on fun projects.

  • Are you open for commissions?

I'm currently juggling full-time comic creation, book writing, and a bunch of other exciting projects, leaving me with zero free time for commissions. 

  • Can I interview you?


Sure! Just contact us with more details.

  • Where is Wawawiwa comics located?

Our main office is located in Colombia.

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