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Colab with Barilla

In 2023, a creative collaboration captured the attention of Instagram users throughout the year. Wawawiwa Comics joined forces with the Italian company Barilla for an advertising campaign promoting its bakery and biscuit-producing subsidiary, Mulino Bianco. This collaboration stood out for its unique and humorous approach to promoting products that include wheat flour, such as bread, cookies, pasta, and other foods.

The campaign launched in mid-2023 and unfolded over the year, using Instagram as the primary platform to reach a global audience. Barilla adapted several of Wawawiwa's most popular comics to integrate them into Mulino Bianco's marketing strategy.

The adaptation process of existing comics for the advertising campaign was one of the keys to its success. Barilla ensured that each comic retained the essence of Wawawiwa while effectively promoting Mulino Bianco's products.

What made this campaign particularly effective was its focus on humor and emotional connection. The comics were not only entertaining but also conveyed key messages about the products in a way that was easily understandable and memorable. The combination of cute illustrations and everyday situations made Mulino Bianco's followers feel identified and more inclined to try the promoted products.

Due to the positive results, discussions are already underway with Barilla USA to replicate the collaboration in the North American market. This potential expansion demonstrates the effectiveness of Wawawiwa's creative approach and the relevance of its work in international marketing campaigns.


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