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Colab with Rewriting Extinction and Green Peace UK

In 2022, Wawawiwa teamed up with Greenpeace UK in a significant collaboration to provide information about bottom trawling (a practice involving dragging heavy nets along the seafloor, destroying vital habitats, and endangering marine biodiversity). This partnership focused on educating the public about the negative impacts of bottom trawling on marine ecosystems and promoting actions for their protection.

One key element of this collaboration was the creation of an exclusive Wawawiwa comic, designed to highlight the importance of researching and understanding this critical issue. Through the humor and creativity characteristic of Wawawiwa, the comic aimed to arouse the audience's curiosity and motivate them to seek more information about bottom trawling.

In addition to the comic, a live event was held on social media to delve into the topic further. This live event provided an opportunity for Wawawiwa and Greenpeace UK followers to interact. Details were discussed on how bottom trawling destroys marine habitats, affects fish populations, and contributes to the overall degradation of the oceans.

The purpose of the live event and comic was clear: to encourage people to visit the Greenpeace UK website and sign a petition to protect the oceans from destructive fishing practices. The petition called for stricter regulations and the implementation of marine protected areas where bottom trawling would be prohibited.

The collaboration was a great success. Active participation from the public was crucial in achieving the campaign's objectives. The combination of educational and entertaining content proved effective in mobilizing people in support of the cause. By the end of the campaign, the required number of signatures was obtained to advance the petition.

This campaign not only achieved its signature goal but also demonstrated the positive impact that can be achieved when organizations and content creators work together for a common cause.


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