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Share laughter with someone

We believe that one of the most rewarding sensations is when we share laughter with someone and it becomes uncontrollable, increasing more and more until we lose control and can't even remember why we started laughing in the first place.

After experiencing such a moment, where the laughter is so intense that we may even end up crying and with sore abdominals, our body feels noticeably lighter and more relaxed. It's as if we're receiving free therapy, a simple yet powerful way to find happiness.

Often, we immerse ourselves in work without rest or in the everyday problems that we all face as human beings, and that's okay, it's part of life. However, it's also important to seek out these moments to share with our loved ones, simply laughing and releasing some of the accumulated tension to maintain balance.

This week, we encourage you to make space and seek out those moments of laughter, without making excuses. Your health and well-being will thank you, we promise!


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