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Taking photos of little things that make you happy

As mentioned in a previous post, revisiting old photos instantly transports us back to those happy moments. However, to achieve this, it's important to capture those moments in the first place.

We're the kind of people who focus on living every moment being 100% present, and sometimes we forget to take photos for memories. But when we do, and then look back at those photos, it's like an instant trip to the past! Those happy moments bring us smiles, although sometimes they also evoke nostalgia.

You know what's great? Those photos give us tangible memories of people, places, and experiences. Remembering how we felt in that moment is like reliving it all over again.

Furthermore, taking photos and sharing them allows us to connect with others who share our tastes and interests. Remember how Instagram started? Exactly! And even though it's changed a lot, it would be nice to return to that original essence, don't you think? Sharing what we love without so many complications.

Taking photos of little things that make you happy during the day doesn't require much time. So, grab your camera and capture anything that catches your eye! Be creative and start building your own wall of memories from your unique perspective. And yes, if you like, share them with the world!


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