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You are not alone 💕

Wawawiwa Comics about loneliness

The sense of loneliness has grown among us in recent years. It can strike without warning, at any moment: while working, arriving home, watching a movie, or even when you aren’t alone. This emptiness can be deeply unsettling, but today, we want to remind you that you might not be truly alone ❤️

In the world of Wawawiwa, all creatures, both known and mysterious🧚🏼‍♀️, as well as seemingly lifeless objects, have a unique way of keeping us company. You might wonder, how is this possible? Haven't you felt the companionship of your coffee cup ☕️, greeting you every morning with each warm sip? Or noticed how your little plant leans toward the sunlight, as if it too enjoys your presence?

By sharing this, we want to remind you that sometimes, companionship can be found in the smallest things and most unexpected places. An important quote from a book 📚 that resonates with your heart, a cat purring around you for no reason, your pet’s tail wagging non-stop as it gazes into your eyes, or even a Wawawiwa comic that makes you smile on a gray day. These moments remind us that there are countless ways to feel accompanied, even when it means simply being with ourselves.

There may be times when you feel that the world is growing too vast, yet at the same time, lonely. In those moments, remember that there are always beings who love and cherish you.

The next time that feeling of loneliness overwhelms you, think not only of the people who might be around you but also of those invisible connections you make every day. Close your eyes and imagine you're receiving a big hug 🤗 from all those who love you but whom we sometimes momentarily forget due to the hustle and bustle of daily life. No matter how far away they are physically; their thoughts and affection will always be with you ❤️

At Wawawiwa, we believe life is full of magical moments waiting to be discovered and that loneliness is never as strong as the love you carry within. Today, we invite you to seek magic in the everyday. Notice how a flower finds its way to the light or how the sun ☀️ filters through the clouds. When you leave your house, smile at the people you interact with; you'll experience how a simple smile can brighten a dark day. Call that friend you always think about but never find time to contact due to the hustle and bustle of daily life. Hug your pet or share your favorite quote with someone who might need it. You'll see how these Happy Little Things make your heart feel accompanied.

Remember, there’s always a friend, a story, or a comic waiting to keep you company.

You are not alone 💕


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