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summer comic workshop wawawiwa comics

Learn to make comics with Wawawiwa!

Andrés J. Colmenares Wawawiwa Comics Workshop

Looking for something fun and educational to do this summer? Join Wawawiwa's summer workshop and learn to create your own comic! Led by Andrés J. Colmenares, this crash course packs over 14 years of experience in the illustration and webcomic industry into a comprehensive and engaging experience.

wawawiwa comics workshop

What you'll learn

Basics of graphic humor

Finding your style

Hunting ideas



Creating comics

Inside the comic industry

Andrés created Wawawiwa Comics in 2009, a webcomic with millions of followers worldwide, known for its heartwarming and humorous content. He has given talks and workshops in Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, and Peru over the years. This is his first workshop ever in English!

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Workshop details

  • Dates:

- July 20, 2024 

- August 3, 2024 SOLD OUT

  • Seats: 14 participants per workshop.

  • Time: 10 AM CDT

  • Duration: 4 hours

    • 1.5-hour lesson/practice

    • 15-minute break

    • 1.5-hour lesson/ practice

    • 15-minute break

    • 30-minute business talk

  • Where: Online (I will provide instructions to join the workshop) 

  • Cost: $300 $199 Early bird discount

What you'll learn

  • Basics of Graphic Humor: Understand the foundations of combining humor and illustrations.

  • Finding Your Own Style: Discover techniques to develop your unique artistic vision.

  • Hunting Ideas: Learn how to find and cultivate creative ideas.

  • Storytelling and condensing: We will cover how to narrate your ideas and condensing them into memorable stories in only a few panels. 

  • Formulas and Case Studies: Explore the many comedy formulas and how they're applied in real-world examples.

  • The Wawawiwa method: We'll break down a few of my most popular comics and analyze the thought process behind each one.

  • Creating comics: We will be using tools discussed in class to make comics!

  • Inside the industry: Business models, social media, Literary agents, pitching and finding book deals, and how I became a full time comic creator.

Why join?

  • Gain insights and techniques from an experienced comic artist.

  • Exclusive access to resources and materials.

  • Interactive and Personalized: Participate in live Q&A and receive personalized feedback on the work created.

  • Come and have a creative day and connect with like-minded people who are also learning.

What you'll need?

  • Find a quiet place where you can be fully present.

  • Paper, pencil, and a sharpener.

  • Objects: 3 small objects from your home. We will be creating comics with these.

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