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We've crafted a magical land just for you, called Wawawiland!

In this special and vibrant world, you will have access to exceptional content that goes beyond our social media presence, designed to delight and inspire everyone. This is more than just a place for amazing comics and videos; it's a haven where like-minded individuals come together to share their love for Wawawiwa.

Bee Wawawiwa Comics




By becoming an Explorer or Neighbor in this land, you'll be part of a unique community that values connection, collaboration, and having lots of fun! You'll not only enjoy exclusive content but also have the opportunity to witness processes and influence the future of Wawawiwa. Your voice matters here, and together, we'll shape the direction of our beloved comics and characters. Join us in this joyful journey, where you will enrich this colorful world.

Dip your toes into Wawawiland by becoming an Explorer! Perfect if you just want to wander the land and get a feel for our community. Enjoy a taste of the fun and see if this vibrant world is right for you with the following benefits:

- Be the first one to access our new weekly comics and videos days before everyone else.


- Get together with other fellow neighbors and access more awesome content through Wawawiland's Town Center, exclusively on our Discord server.


- Get a glimpse into our exciting lives! This includes personal anecdotes, insights into our creative process, what makes us happy (and what doesn't), sneak peeks at upcoming projects, and more.


Ready to dive in and experience everything Wawawiland has to offer? As one of our special Neighbors, you will get full access to all the benefits and perks we have to offer:

- All the benefits from the Explorer tier.


- Join our production team! You will be able to help us make important decisions by voting on different ideas for new comics, characters, and other aspects of Wawawiwa. At least once a month.


- Receive a one-of-a-kind physical pin as a special recognition for every 12 uninterrupted months you have been a Neighbor of Wawawiland. Shipping not included.


- Get access to our new monthly e-goodies. You will be able to download these content including wallpapers, monthly planners, shopping lists, etc.


- A fortunate member will be chosen monthly, at random, to receive a stunning portrait drawing of themselves in the distinctive and captivating style of Wawawiwa.


- Hangout directly with Andres through our monthly exclusive streaming sessions for our Neighbor members.


- Witness firsthand the alchemy as I breathe life into our beloved characters through behind-the-scenes timelapse videos, showcasing the creation of new comics.


Welcome to your new home.

Let's make this journey unforgettable!

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